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Fear of Uterine Scar Dehiscence or Rupture in Women with Previous Three or More Lower Uterine Segment Caesarean Section- A Retrospective Observational Study



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Objective: To evaluate the association of uterine scar dehiscence or ruptures with the increasing instances of caesarean delivery and to offer counsel regarding these dreadful complications to women with previous multiple repeat caesarean sections. Materials and Methods: We carried out a retrospective observational study at Ibri Regional Hospital Oman from between January 2009 and December 2013. 287 women who underwent caesarean section (CS) for two or more times were studied with respect to timing of current caesarean section, adhesions, condition lower uterine segment, dehiscence of previous scar or rupture, any injuries to the internal organs, blood loss and postoperative complications. Fetal outcomes included gestational age at birth, birth weight APGAR scores, neonatal intensive care unit admissions.

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Nishat Fatema
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