The Main Convergences and Divergences of Digital Culture: Literature and Education

London Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Sciences
Volume | Issue | Compilation
Authored by Gibran Banhakeia , Boujamaa EL Kouy
Classification: FOR Code- 160599
Keywords: digital culture, digitalization, literature, education, e- learning.
Language: English

This research aims at analyzing the unsaid issues of Digital culture in terms of education and literature in general and, in particular, it pictures the updated voice of Electronic Literature of 21st century, for as much as it entirely governs the way people communicate, think and even educate themselves, this research would depict such new far-reaching advances of cultural predicaments as to how it is being considered as the model of rejection and acceptance. In a nutshell, this paper is bound to explain the paramount convergences and divergences of Digital Culture. This change, albeit, becomes as the crisis, beneficial and positive side of human intellectuality.


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