The Therapeutic Effect of Some Tuber Plants that Found in the Al- Baha Area on Bio-Chemical Changes in Hyperglycemic Rats

London Journal of Research in Science: Natural and Formal
Volume | Issue | Compilation
Authored by Lobna Saad , Dr. Nora Mesfer Attia Al Zahrani
Classification: FOR Code: 039999
Keywords: vegetable greens of tuberous plants, diabetic, biochemical change.
Language: English

Background: Leafy vegetables are among the most nutritious vegetables on a fresh weight basis and are also among the world's most productive plants in terms of nutritional value per unit area, in part because they grow rapidly, allowing several crops or harvests in a season

Objective: This investigation aims to therapeutic effects of vegetable growths (green on ground parts) of tuberous plants such as greens of taro, carrot, suger beet,sweet potato, and potato leavesand stem are scant.

Design: Thirty five rats Sprague Dawley white male albino rats, weighing about 150 ± 10g were used in the study. The experiment was performed in Animal House. All rats were fed for one week on basal diet before starting the experiment, then divided into two main groups, the first group (n= 5 rats) was fed on the basal diet only as a control negative (C –ve ) normal rats for 28 days. The rats of second main group  (n= 30 rats) were injected alloxan. The obtained data were statistically analyzed using computerized SPSS.

Results: Hyperglycemic rats fed on taro, carrot, sugar beet, sweet potato, and potato leaves and stems 5% recorded significant decreasein Serum GPT compared to control (+ve) Hence there was a significant increase in control (+) compared to control (-) rats. Diabetic rats fed on taro, carrot, sugar beet, sweet potato and potato leaves and stems 5 % denoted significant decreases in serum glucose compared to control (+)). Diabetic rats fed on taro, carrot sugar beet, sweet potato and potato leaves and stems 5% diet denoted significant decreases in U.acid compared to control (+ve) rats.

Recommendation: This study suggested to use vegetable greens of tuberous plants, namely that of taro, carrot, sugar beet, sweet potato and potato for hyperglycemic patients.


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