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Work Life Balance among HR Executives- An Empirical Study at Hosur, Tamil Nadu

Work life balance is the current topic which is now a day’s prevalent among the employees. It deals with how an employee fulfills both his/her family and professional role and how he or she succeeds. This concept is interrelated to many other concepts like Job Satisfaction, Stress, Motivation, etc. When an employee doesn’t balance his/her work and family life then he/she may not be satisfied in his/her job, he/she may not fulfill his/her role in his/her family, he/she may have a stressful life and he/she may not be motivated in any of his/her part of his/her life. So leading a balance between personal and professional life leads to fulfillment to some extent. This is being achieved by few employees and even management aims at helping their employees achieve it. So to find out how the HR executives in industries balance their work and personal life, this study was carried. The researcher used purposive sampling technique and collected data from 68 respondents. The data was analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Science(version 20), further the data was interpreted and were presented as tables and charts.

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Lisa Elango
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